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Johan Treble - PDSS by Altitron
Johan Treble - PDSS
AKA Maestro


Johan was once an aspiring musician, but was unable to break into the music industry due to completely lacking any talent. Through a series of unfortunate events, Johan came into possession of the 'Pick of Duplicity', a guitar pick able to mimic instruments and the sounds they make. Now he works as SJK's music teacher, where he has fooled the children into thinking that he is a virtuoso. Still planning his big comeback tour and getting his sweet revenge on the record executives that turned him away. In his off hours, Johan is the frontman for the town band, 'Johan and the Treblemakers'. Caesar plays keyboard, Roxy provides backup vocals and plays the tambourine, Rufus plays bass, and Dale is the drummer. He's not very good.
Natalia Antoinette - PDSS by Altitron
Natalia Antoinette - PDSS
AKA Faucon Noir


One of the most ruthless and efficient contract killers in the world. Natalia once had an affair with Next Nation member Lone Wolf during an arduous field mission, and became pregnant as a result. Since she could not prove her citizenship at the time of the child's birth (being an assassin-for-hire without a legitimate visa), Lone Wolf won sole custody of their daughter after bitter court proceedings. The estranged couple's daughter now attends Stephen J. Kurtzberg, where Natalia teaches French so that she may be closer to her daughter; this employment is made possible by her current contract with Evil Incorporated. There is constant animosity between her and Lone Wolf at PTA meetings, who always aloofly chides her, "Don't lose your head over it, babe." Natalia and Catherine are the best/worst of frienemies, always trying to out-do one another in the hopes that Rufus may notice them. Natalia also owns and operates a high-end fashion boutique in Super City, 'Haute Hawk' (though it is really just a secondhand clothing store).
Rufus Stalinovsky - PDSS by Altitron
Rufus Stalinovsky - PDSS
AKA Red Menace


Rufus is an over-the-top communist who blames Amerika for all of Mother Russia's woes; he teaches history from a highly 'opinionated' point of view. Whenever the children (mainly Major Midas' son) question why his version of history does not match their textbooks, he launches into a tirade about how ugly capitalist dogs printed those terrible manifestos and that they should all be burned in the center of the football field. His classroom is always freezing. In between classes, Rufus trades vodka and sorrow with Marc Animus in the Teacher's Lounge. No current love interest - "If I wanted a woman, I would mail-order one." Rumored to be a vampire; desk doubles as a sarcophagus.
Dale Darwin - PDSS by Altitron
Dale Darwin - PDSS
AKA Sir Reptile, Duke of Destruction


Once a man, now a Tyrannosaurus Rex - a condition that he suffers from as a result of an attempt at cloning dinosaurs gone horribly wrong (he spilled cider on the gene sequencing machine). Dale has tried other warm beverages in the past, but each experience ended poorly (i.e. accidentally creating artificial intelligence). He tries to make up for his unsettling state by smothering everyone around him with culture. Dale likes to sip Earl Grey tea and eat crumpets, read The New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal, wear a monocle and top hat, and use a cane and pocket watch - though with his tiny arms, it's all really only done for show. He can't even use his own chalkboard.

By night, Dale works feverishly to discover an antidote for his ailment, though all it ever amounts to is a temporary transformation into some other useless dinosaur. In addition to teaching the sciences at SJK, Dale owns and operates a bar just outside city limits: 'Dale's Draughts'. The service is awful. Smitten with Catherine's refined taste and sophistication, Dale is strung along as his affections are entertained simply because she likes the jewelry that he buys her.
#154 Meganium by Altitron
#154 Meganium
Symbiosis marks Meganium's existence throughout its entire life cycle. As an adult, Meganium could be considered to be a mobile ecosystem. Blurring the line between flora and fauna, Meganiums have the rare ability to produce sustenance through a process known as photosynthesis, which is normally an exclusivity to plant species. In photosynthesis, plants synthesize glucose from sunlight. This phenomenon is conducted similarly in Meganiums at a cellular level, however excess energy is likewise uniquely radiated through rapid and continuous photonic absorption and dissipation. Doing so causes their scales to shed at a much higher rate than other reptilian species. This particular process of accelerated molting generates a gaseous cloud of heat as a byproduct.

Other plants in close proximity to Meganium benefit from this radiated wave of energy. In sharing the surplus nourishment that it generates, Meganiums promote health and fervent growth in the plants that they also consume through more traditional means (i.e. orally). By assisting nearby plants to grow or repair themselves, a whole host of other creatures benefit simply from being around these large reptile-plant hybrids. Insects flock to the plants that bloom in the animal's wake, and in turn, smaller predators that feast on the insects also keep close (such as Spearow or Taillow; pictured here).

As a result of this cyclical, mutually beneficial interaction with its primary food source and countless other smaller creatures, Meganiums have come to hold an almost mythological standing in the animal kingdom. Some aboriginal tribes believe Meganiums to be possessed by the spirits of past chieftains. 'Shaman of the natural world' is a more commercially accepted term; however in the modern world, Meganiums severely suffer for these abilities. They are a primary target for poachers, who peddle claws, teeth, antennae, petals, tails, and Meganium bones in third world black markets for their supposed medicinal properties.

In adolescence - popularly referred to as 'Bayleef' - exists in mutualism with Caterpie larvae and pupa (known as 'Metapods' in this cacooned state). The Caterpie caterpillar is attracted to the sweet sugars in the large perennial leaf adorning Bayleef's head. Scientists believe that Bayleefs use this extraneous growth as bait to entice the insects to return later in life in order to facilitate pollination in the future. It should be said that the process by which Meganiums reproduce is not yet wholly understood - much like the creature itself, the physiological process of reproduction is an odd amalgamation of normal reptilian mating techniques and the pollination processes of plants.

In the pupa, or 'Metapod' stage of metamorphosis, Caterpies latch on to the 'yoke' of a Bayleef, and through simple camouflage techniques attempt to blend in with the growing petals (or 'pods') that will later bloom upon the Bayleef's maturation. Other Metapod defensive techniques include large eyespots on the carapace, as well as the shell itself terminating in a noisemaker (or 'rattle') to ward off more persistent predators. In this way, the Bayleef also benefits.

While not biologically dependent upon any other species in its juvenile form, young Meganiums (known as 'Chikoritas' at this age), routinely share nesting grounds with juvenile Donphan's (called a 'Phanpy'). The two species are rambunctious in their play with one another, but also provide security in herding together. Mature Donphans are aggressive and live in solitude, leaving entire litters to fend for themselves shortly after birth. A Phanpy is much more likely to survive in the wild when it is accepted into a Meganium herd.

Thank you for the wonderful gallery, :iconarvalis:! It is truly inspiring. You know what they say - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :)

- Alty
Today I learned that I was selected for advancement to Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. With that pronouncement comes a six week long transition period in preparation of assuming the role of a Chief Petty Officer. During this transition period, I will be tested both physically and mentally. As such, I will be unable to divert any of my free time to commissions or other personal artistic endeavors. Thank you all for your continued enthusiasm in my art, your comments, critiques, suggestions, requests, praise, and criticism. See you on the other side.
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